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public speaking , speech , presentation training,

 NEWS: Now using Ai Technology  for Speech Analysis*  

Hello , Im Brian Hodgson


I am a Public Speaker and Professional Trainer with 40 years of experience.  As well as earning an income by helping others to improve their speaking skills, I have won probably more speech competitions in Hong Kong than anyone else, I walk the talk. No gimmics, just proven strategies from years of practice in real life work situations. I coach individuals,corporates, medical professionals and at seven Universities in Hong Kong.

I do not just talk about making a good presentation, I do it and win !   I am passionate about passing on those skills to others.

So whether you're a complete beginner or looking to improve existing skills, I have the training course that will bring out the best in you. One to one or group training is provided.

A severe speech impediment made me incomprehensible until the age of ten. I started public speaking at the age of 16, an extremely nervous, shy and a hopeless public speaker. Since then I have given speeches around the globe from world leaders to eight year olds.

My teaching is based on experience and proven results. Having won more public speaking contests than most in Hong Kong I do walk the talk! Being a entrepreneur has meant that I have made presentations which worked.

My experience includes media sales for 13 years including employment at The Guardian and Forbes (Chinese) . I started my own company and sold it to a US listed company within 2 years and became President of the newly listed entity. I have worked in small companies and large internationals in the UK , Australia and Hong Kong and understand and teach communications skills relevant for corporate culture.

My presentation style is humorous and I believe in learning with a smile. At events I bring fun with witty remarks and spontaneous fun.

Are you letting nerves stop you from achieving what you truly deserve ? Are your sales pitches working ?
Are you being left behind on the corporate ladder ?

Let me help.
* Using the latest technology your
speech can be analysed for speed, use 
of filers, pacing, repetition and more. 
This tool combined with my feedback
excelerates your presentation skills
learning. Remember to ask me about it.
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                                                                     individual trainer
public speaking , speech , presentation training,
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