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We coach individuals, corporations and businesses , medical professionals and work with four Universities in Hong Kong. Our clients are from a wide variety of professions. Read some of our fantastic testimonials.


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Image by Ruslan Bardash

I have to say Thank You - that was probably the best night of my life. I got tears and big laughs - my speech could not have gone better. Without your assistance I would not have even been close. I can't think you enough.


MR KH / Coached for Best Man Speech


The trainer is humorous and this makes the workshop interesting, the ideas are useful and great.

Practicing impromptu speaking and presentation skills. It wasn’t just a lecture or lesson, it encouraged us to be part of it and be active throughout the session.

Brian's presentation is good and interesting.

​The speaker makes me more relaxed for presentation.

The speaker is funny. He caught my attention well.

Tips about gestures.

The speaker is enthusiastic and gives useful feedback.

Exercise, speaker's funny presentation.

The gestures and impromptu talk practice. 

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